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Particle Counting And Sizing - Multisizer 4


Discover the most versatile and accurate particle sizing and counting analyser on the market.

The Coulter Principle (also known as Electrical Sensing Zone) is the leading technology in high resolution and accuracy and is enhanced even further in the Multisizer 4 by using Digital Pulse Processing technology which provides ultra-high resolution, multichannel analysis and accuracy that is unattainable by other technologies.

Unaffected by particle colour, shape, composition or refractive index, the Multisizer provides size distribution by number, volume and surface area with an overall sizing range of 0.4µm to 1600µm.

This product is the subject of a ISO Standard (13319) and a number of ASTM methods for such diverse applications as toner powders and cellular analysis.


Applications include:

Marine Biology - Counting and sizing of Phytoplankton, algae, diatoms and cyanobacteria. Differentiation of diploid and triploid

Cell Biology - Stem cells, red and white cells and platelets, Adipose cells, Mitochondria, Plant cells

Microbiology - Bacteria, yeast, spores, amoeba

QC - toners, abrasives, cosmetics, emulsions, beads, powders

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