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Measure Zeta Potential With DelsaMax

The DelsaMax measures both zeta potential and particle size in just a few seconds on samples as small as a few microliters.

Ideal for proteins, carbon nanotubes suspensions and emulsions, the speed of analysis means delicate samples such as proteins are not perturbed by the analysis resulting in more reliable and reproducible data. Using 31 detectors for zeta potential measurement and a separate detector for sizing the DelsaMax is able to measure zeta potential on samples as low in concentration as the equivalent of 1mg/ml Lysozyme.

The Assist accessory provides pressurisation of the measurement cell to eliminate gas bubble formation which further improves reliability and reproducibility on samples prone to gassing.

Concentrations of up to 60%v/v can be measured with the Matec Zeta range and an optional autotitrator can provide pH and additive profiles to obtain the Iso-electric point of your aqueous or non-aqueous based suspension.

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