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Powder Flow Analysis - Evolution

The Evolution Powder Tester (EPT) is a economical and easy to use powder flow tester that measures the unconfined yield strength of a material (a critical flow property) at pressures up to 500KPa. The unconfined yield strength can be measured at one pressure or at many different pressures in order to create a flow function. The flow function presents the material’s gain in strength as more pressure is applied to it.

The EPT offers many advantages over traditional shear and other uniaxial testers, and is a standalone instrument designed just for powder testing and is not an accessory to a general purpose instrument. This allows the design to be cost effective, easy to operate and suitable to any laboratory or manufacturing environment. In addition, it takes approximately 3 minutes for a user to test one sample. This is significantly less testing time than other shear or uniaxial testers.

Knowing whether or not a powder will flow out of a container depends upon the strength it gains through storage. To allow a powder to flow the force making the powder move must be greater than its strength ( usually called Unconfined Yield Strength).

For most powders and granular material, the longer the material is exposed to pressure, the higher its unconfined yield strength will be. This will also be affected by other storage conditions such as temperature and humidity. In a lot of flow measurement tests, the time parameter is often ignored because sample analysis cells required to make many measurements over time are very expensive, and often do not have any means of applying the necessary pressure over prolonged periods. An affordable solution is now available – the Evolution Powder Tester.

The Evolution measures a materials response to applied pressure and calculates its unconfined yield strength. The measurement can be done at a single point, or at several pressures creating a Flow Function. The sample analysis cells can be stored in a temperature/ humidity controlled environment to simulate different storage conditions and measurements take typically less than 3 minutes to perform. The Evolution can provide you reliable reproducible data for the same cost as having a few samples measured by external laboratories.

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