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Light Obscuration Measurement - POLA 2000

Oils and hydraulic fluids can be measured by the POLA 2000 with the data reported in ISO 4406 or SAE classes. Covering a size range from 1µm to over 150µm the POLA can also be used for water based applications.

The user adjustable size channels provide flexibility in reporting..

Airborne/Air Quality – We have available a wide range of instruments for measurement of particulates in air ranging from monitoring of diesel exhaust emissions to cleanroom particle counters, filter efficiency testing or basic aerosol/atmospheric research. High flow rate Condensation Particle Counters are available with water as a working fluid for critical production environments. Electrical Particle sizers, particle impactors, samplers and a Nano Particle Collector for sampling charged aerosol nanoparticles.

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