Particle Imaging system for characterisation of fibres and curved particles

VisualSpreadsheet© V3.2 particle analysis software has now been released by Fluid Imaging Technology for it’s FlowCAM® particle imaging and analysis system for particle characterisation and particle sizing. VisualSpreadsheet V3.2 features a suite of advanced particle shape characterization properties that rapidly yields accurate, statistically significant measurement data of elongated and curved particles and fibres. These new measurement properties provide expanded pattern recognition capabilities for higher levels of discrimination among elongated cells and particles such as diatoms and fibres to help identification of the particles present.

The FlowCAM offers more information and quicker analysis times than cumbersome manual microscopy and volumetric-based systems such as laser diffraction that assume all particles to be spherical.Actual, individual images, which permits the amount of curl or straightness to be reliably calculated and measured and stored. The new VisualSpreadsheet V3.2 is an intuitively easy to use spreadsheet-based interface for viewing the images and measurement data and analyzing the data in a variety of custom graphs and overlays while also filtering and sorting in real-time without re-running the sample. The particle analyzer software comes installed with the FlowCAM instrumentation and is backwards compatible for retrofit on FlowCAM models in the field.

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