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Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyser - LS13320

Beckman Coulter LS range – the LS series are the most versatile and sophisticated laser diffraction particle size analysis instruments available today. A number of patented design features put the LS range at the top of the particle size measurement class for the 3 R’s: resolution, reliability and reproducibility.

The unique PIDS technology provides unsurpassed sub-micron accuracy down to 0.017 microns while the latest generation of sample handling modules have been designed for flexibility and ease of use as well as differing degrees of automation. An optional Autoprep sample preparation station provides true walk away particle size analysis of up to 28 samples.

The LS software has the Standard Operating Procedures and Methods ideal for routine particle size measurements, together with the flexibility for method development needed by researchers. A comprehensive report generator provides a wide range of output options and security features include a 21CFR part 11 mode.

Several models are available depending upon the overall particle size range, sample type and software requirements. Measurements can be made on dry powders or samples dispersed into a wide range of suitable liquids with a suitable sample module.

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