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The FlowCAM Macro for Measuring Larger Particles in Suspension

Dynamic Imaging Particle (DIP) analysis provides measurements of particles in suspensions that enable you to separately count different particle types in the same sample.

As used in the FlowCam Macro, DIP, with its superior imagery, can obtain 30 morphological measurements for each particle imaged.

This application of proven FlowCam DIPA technology is now optimised for larger particles in the 50μm to 5mm range, making it ideal for:

• food and beverage characterisation
• sphericity measurement of manufactured beads
• fibre characterisation
• polymer, crystal and powder particle analysis

These direct, image-based measurements of particle size and shape enable different classes of particle types to be differentiated in a heterogeneous mixture. You get a proper appreciation of what your sample contains, not an approximation; fast and accurate and backed up by the quantitative data you require to make recommendations or change parameters to your manufacturing process or procedure.

And this is highly significant statistical data, not just qualitative, produced from the analysis of tens of thousands of particles per minute. Whereas volumetric-based particle analysis techniques, like laser diffraction and light obscuration, tend to clump particles together unrealistically, the FlowCam Macro allows for the distinction of categories and sub-populations even in suspensions of larger sized particles.

Measurements produced include particle count, concentration, area, aspect ratio (width/length), area based diameter, equivalent spherical diameter (ESD), length, volume (ABD-based), volume (ESD-based), width. Plus there are a number of
advanced morphology parameters obtainable, including area (filled), circle fit, circularity, circularity (hu), compactness, convex perimeter, convexity, elongation, fiber curl, fiber straightness, geodesic aspect ratio, geodesic length, geodesic thickness, perimeter, roughness and symmetry.

That is a remarkable amount of information, and it’s obtained quickly and reliably too. With the FlowCAM Macro it’s not just size that matters any more. If in doubt, why not ask for a demonstration? We will only be too happy to oblige.

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