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Particle Shape And Morphology Analysis - FlowCAM

Imaging provides a wide range of particle shape and morphology information which can be used to solve many problems in powder handling such as compactness, flow-ability, separation etc.  Its increasing use reflects the need to understand processes in more detail to obtain more consistent products.  We can provide different instruments for looking at suspended samples or dry powders.

Liquid samples

MTS Particle Image Analyser – PIA range with In Line Video Microscope (IVM)
In-line, on-line, in-situ analysis of the morphology of samples is provided by the MTS PIA system.  The sensor can continuously record images of particles, even clear transparent crystals.  Information on particle size, roughness, roundness, elongation, crystallinity and other parameters can be calculated through the extensive software.

Fluid Imaging Technologies – FlowCAM

The FlowCAM range offers the ability to count size and image particles simultaneously in a wide range of suspending fluids.  The measurement combined with the Visual Spreadsheet software can be used to sort, group and identify particulates against a user definable library images.  Identification of contaminating particles, type of organism, changes in particle shape, etc. can be readily achieved.  Suitable for either continuous flow use or discrete samples, the FlowCAM is also available as a portable unit.

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